Reach Your Customers Directly On the sites they know and love

Let's face it, some customers won't come to you. So why not go to them? When you launch a programmatic display campaign with us, you'll be serving ads to customers across the web through our network of mainstream sites.

Real-Time Bidding

Our RTB platform utilizes machine learning to give you the highest quality traffic at the lowest price. Our technology allows us to offer our partners the most competitive pricing in the industry with CPMs as low as $3.

Expert Targeting

We understand how important it is for our partners to advertise legally. That's why we have implemented top-of-the-line geofencing technology, ensuring ads are never shown outside of their pre-determined zip code, city, state or region. In addition, once a potential customer interacts with an ad, they will be retargeted for your ads across their favorite sites.

Support when you need it

Cannabis Programmatic's dedicated concierge team has over 20 years of experience in digital advertising. Our team provides technical support and in-depth reporting in real time to help our partners better understand their marketing strategies and return on investment.


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