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At Cannabis Programmatic, we help our customers be seen. With the current restrictions on advertising the legal cannabis industry, SEO can be your business's #1 tool when it comes to growing your client base with online traffic.

Efficient Keywords

We've done the work of finding out what phrases your customers are using online to find businesses like yours so you don't have to. Our industry specific keywords bring the traffic to you.

Relevant Meta Tags & High Quality Backlinks

The way search engines read your site is critical for site ranking and visibility. We make sure your meta tags are clean, relevant and targeted toward your best performing audience. Another factor that determines site health is the relationship your site has with other high-ranking sites. We improve your site's credibility by placing links to your pages on trusted sites across the web.

Multi-Tier Options

Our Basic SEO Campaigns provide businesses with the service they need to have a higher organic search ranking and develop more visibility on the web within 6 months. Inquire about our Advanced SEO Campaign options for businesses that require a more aggressive strategy or want to see results faster.


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